Military Order of the Purple Heart

The Military Order of the Purple Heart was the first National Service Organization to create a Suicide Awareness Program and appoint a national officer for this position in 2016. This Program began in response to the crisis of the 20-22 veterans and active duty service men and women who end their lives to the epidemic of suicide daily. 

Suicide Awareness Program

Current objectives of the Suicide Awareness Program include: 

  • Raise awareness of this crisis
  • Reduce stigma associated with suicide
  • Support suicide survivors
  • ​Get info brochures available to Chapter level on suicide awareness
  • Work with other NSO's to bridge the gap left open by current VA regulations to help veteran's in crisis
  • Support VA in mental heath regulation to prevent / lower veteran suicide rate
  • Support legislation aimed at helping reduce veteran / national suicide rate
  • Oppose any change to VA care that will effect the mental health department

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John Flener

Suicide Awareness Officer